First The Worst, Second the Best

It's an old rhyme we used to say at school to make us feel better when we weren't first in the sports day races, or first in line, or first to put our hands up. But in reality, second is definitely not the best. All my life I've felt as though I've been second best... Continue Reading →


Updraft – Fran Wilde

It seems peculiar that I am able to read so much more often now, still with a part time job. I have gotten through two books in two weeks and now I'm on the third. The first was The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig. The next one, the one this post is about, is Updraft by... Continue Reading →

The Tetris City

Amsterdam is nothing short of beautiful. Looking up as you emerge from the central station, you can see the tops of the buildings, the gorgeous architecture and gold-accented roofs. The central station itself is one of the most awe-inspiring of them all, with its brick work and clock tower, it takes your breath away. But... Continue Reading →

It Slips Through Our Fingers

Time. What a weird concept, right? There's twenty four hours in a day, three hundred and sixty five days in a year, and yet we're constantly strapped for time. People rush everywhere these days. You see someone running down the highstreet in a dapper suit and you think nothing of it - they're clearly late.... Continue Reading →

Brass Bodies: Mags’s Story – Part 2

Mags was breathing heavily through her welders mask. The blue flame of her blow torch lit up the room and threw odd shadows across the moulding walls. She had to narrow her eyes against the brightness of the jumping sparks as she manipulated the brass metal sheet into a flowered horn shape. She had been... Continue Reading →

Brass Bodies: Mags’s Story – Part 1

Mags Bernard thought today was like any other day. Her alarm clock rang through the room like a shock and she turned over to see the reworked machine vibrating with excitement at the prospect of a new day. Groaning, Mags swiped it off her bedside table, the copper bells tinging against the dusty wooden floor.... Continue Reading →

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