5 Things to Make it Just That Little Bit Easier for Coffee Shop Workers



As you all know I work in a coffee shop in my university city. I love my job and enjoy making coffees for people. It’s fulfilling without being too difficult, but sometimes it can be a pain, especially if the customers aren’t being helpful. Here’s some tips that a coffee shop worker will appreciate from you as the customer.

  1. Know what you want to order before you come to the counter — The amount of times I have stood behind the counter patiently waiting for a customer to decide what they what, while another customer stares at me wanting to order because they already know what they want. It’s frustrating and wastes valuable time where I could be serving other people.
  2. Clean your table — I know it’s our job to clean up after you once you’re finished but we also have to clean up after 500+ customers on a busy day. It makes our jobs so much simpler if the tray is already full of your used plates and cups. I appreciate it when I can just grab the tray and run it to pot wash, instead of wasting time loading it up.
  3. Don’t blame us for things we can’t fix — We are just coffee shop workers, we make coffee, run the till and clean up after you. That is the extent of our responsibilities. We can’t help you if there’s something wrong with the pricing, the food or the toilets. If you want to complain, ask for the supervisor or manager. Please don’t yell at us. It puts us in a bad mood and compromises our work effort, especially if we can’t help you but we’re being blamed anyway.
  4. Read the signs around the coffee shop — There are several signs, some will be about dogs, others about how or where to order, or the menus which specify what goes in the dishes. Please read them, we repeat ourselves until we’re hoarse with the same information that is already written down for you. I know it’s more convenient to ask, but not for us. I say the words “Order that at the till, please” so many times a day with an unfaltering smile and cheerful tone, I can’t count. It’s exhausting.
  5. A smile goes a long way — A cheerful conversation or just a smile and a thank you makes us feel appreciated. It changes that horrible fake smile into a genuine one. Even a little compliment about the coffee art means a lot. It makes us feel like what we’re doing is worth while.

These may seem like petty and small things but they’re important to retail and sales workers. I understand that the customers are always right, but we are on our feet all day long and just a little help goes a long way. I especially pride myself on my coffee and my work, I love giving the drinks over and seeing the reaction from the coffee art. I love helping people with questions and having a little chat at the counter. But sometimes it is tough, my knees and feet ache and a little helping hand can go a long way into making my day so much better. If you’ve read this, I hope you’ll consider these points when dining in restaurants or cafes in the future.


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