Caffeine Concentrate’s Captivating July


If you follow me in any way – my blog or my twitter (@writerscaffeine), then you know that at the end of June I moved to Cyprus with my boyfriend. We decided to do this because we had finished university and my parents live out here. The cost of living is so much cheaper and also … sun! So today I am going to tell you little bit about what happened in July while living in Cyprus because it’s been an extremely odd month for me while I’ve been adjusting to life out here…

  • I burnt my arm on an oven tray as I was making dinner and it’s really bad. To the point that if it was grey it would look like greyscale (GoT reference! Yay!)
  • A pigeon found it’s way into my mother’s house while she was away in the UK. My boyfriend and I had to clean it up all up before she got home. It was disgusting.
  • My cousin came over from the UK and stayed in her parent’s holiday home with a bunch of friends. They were complained about by residents. Her new boyfriend is also a massive jerk.
  • The view from our apartment at sunset is absolutely gorgeous and is currently my favourite place to have a glass of wine and read.
  • I did one evening shift at the bar where my boyfriend works. I really enjoyed it but they only thought I was okay.
  • I made a friend and we went to bingo and drinking at the bar where both of our boyfriends work. It was fun and she’s really nice.
  • I bought new pictures to hang on the wall of our apartment and they still haven’t made it up there yet.
  • We realised that if we turn the AC unit to 24c instead of 16c it’s a lot cheaper to run.
  • I nearly drowned in Potima Bay where the waves are really rough and one completely took me out. I genuinely thought I was going to die.
  • In said incident I also flashed the entire beach as my bikini top was not particularly stable.
  • Also in said incident I lost my prescription sunglasses and was really upset. Then my boyfriend found them washed up on the beach ten minutes later.
  • (To be honest I could write a whole post about my traumatic experience at Potima Bay but I won’t.)
  • We went exploring and found a gorgeous sea cave as shown in the picture above.
  • I have been bitten by mosquitoes more times then I can count and I’m finding it really hard not to scratch them.
  • We saw a tribute act for The Jersey Boys at an Amphitheatre, they were really good. My boyfriend got drunk and swung me around the dance floor and I was terrified I was going to fall over. We also won a raffle and our prize was a cheap bottle of white wine.
  • I smashed a piece of art that was on the wall in the cafe I work in.
  • My boss has revealed ONE DAY (!!) before I’m supposed to get paid that I have to open a bank account here and she can’t make the cheque out to cash. So now I have to open a bank account before I can get my monthly wages.
  • My friend and her boyfriend found a beautiful beagle wandering around and took him in and looked after him until a horrible man came and claimed the dog was his and took him away. My friend was really upset.
  • I made a thing. A crafty thing with a jar and candle for the cafe I work in. It’s not very good.
  • Our apartment has gone from spotless to a mess and I can’t seem to keep on top of the cleaning.
  • I started another new book and now have three unfinished novels on the go.
  • I’m also finding it hard to find the time and motivation to write while out here.
  • Despite wanting more time to read, I have finished only one book in July which is shockingly poor. I wrote a post about the book here.
  • Subsequently I have run out of books to read.



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  1. That’s one helluva month for you, Alexandra, adventures galore!! How nice that you moved to beautiful Cyprus πŸ™‚ I was there for vacation & loved it!


    1. I know! It’s been a crazy month and it’s just getting crazier by the day ☺️ Cyprus is a wonderful place to be, for both holidays and living there !

      Liked by 1 person

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